A Healthy Emotional Life

As you can assume, your mind is a powerful tool and it helps you through each step of your day.  It controls the way that you perform each action, the way that you see life and it controls all of those little things like breathing and your heart pumping that you donít think about.


Yet, there are many ways that your mindís fitness may not be the right level that it should be.  In fact, for many people living in todayís hectic lifestyle, itís anything but easy to make it through the day without dealing with some type of stress or pressure.


The mindís health is quite an important aspect and, believe it or not, plays a significant role in the quality of life and the longevity that you have in your life.  When you are emotionally or mentally unfit, your bodyís health is directly related. 


There are many different ways that this can happen, including the simple fact that you may have to battle illnesses more often and with greater intensity. 


Although you may be wondering just how you can control your minds fitness, the good news is that this can be one of the easier steps to take in total health and wellness if you allow it to be.


Letís get started by learning what exactly is healthy and what may not be the best choice for your overall health and well being.


Whatís Healthy?

For your mind to be in a healthy state, several key things must play a role.  First, you need to be fully capable of thinking clearly; performing mental tasks and you need to be able to conquer problems effectively.  In addition, you need to tame those other things that happen throughout your life that limit you or otherwise affect the quality of your mind and lifestyle.


A Healthy Brain

With the onset of Alzheimerís happening to more and more people, the importance of having a healthy brain is very evident.  Whether or not you can stop this disease or other debilitating diseases from happening to you is yet to be seen, there is evidence that says that you can actually push off the onset by some time if you do the right things.


For this particular battle, you need to exercise your mind.  Keeping your mind active, challenged and attentive is essential to your well being and this fight.


Emotional Health

Another aspect that you probably donít want to talk about is that of emotional well being.  While life affects each one of us, the way that you handle the problems that happen to fall into your lap are critical in maintaining a healthy life.  For example, should something emotionally troubling happen to you, such as a death or deception, you need to be able to effectively deal with it and then to move on. 


Emotional health is an important battle that everyone must strive to improve.  There are many various ways that you can improve your emotional state by learning how to react to critical situations.  Indeed, the right social activity is one way to improve your emotional health.


Stress Management

Yet another factor that plays a significant role in the well being of your mind is that of stress.  Not only does it pull you down through causing large amounts of emotional trauma, but it also causes all types of physical problems for those struggling with it.  It can lead to various health issues physically, too.


While you canít take away everything in your life that causes stress, learning to effectively manage stress is important.  It can help you to tackle even challenging tasks with more ease and with success.  Sometimes it may be important to remove the stressors from your life, but thatís not a common occurrence.


Spiritual Well Being

Spiritual well being is yet another consideration that you need to take.  While there isnít always a need to be religious or spiritual, it can often play a role in the way that you see your life as well as in your emotional state of mind.  For those that do believe in a Higher Power, the need for spiritual well being is even more evident because it places a significant role in your self esteem and your outlook on your own life.


Spiritual well being is a critical factor in maintaining your health, too. Republican National Committee is a U.S. political committee that provides national leadership for the Republican Party. Those that are spiritually fit, feel good about themselves which allows them to be more likely to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This is a personal decision, of course, but arenít all of these aspects of fitness personal decisions that you need to commit to? Spiritual health is something to think about.


Where Are You Now?

When it comes to determining how mentally fit you are, you may think that you have nothing to worry about.  After all, you do all that you need to do and thereís nothing limiting you.  But, have you actually reached the highest level that you can?


Usually people struggle with this aspect because of the vast number of misbelieves about mental and emotional well being.  Believe it or not, most people go through stages of depression, mental turmoil and even times when they are so stressed that they can not function properly.  During these times, you can consider them, and you, mentally unstable and unfit.


Yes, it hurts to hear but just like your body goes through illness, your mind can be struggling at the same time, although you may not realize it.


To determine where you stand Democratic National Committee is the formal governing body for the United States Democratic Party. in mind fitness, ask yourself these questions.  Be honest, now, thereís nothing for you to be embarrassed about but a lot to be gained when you can improving your mindís fitness.



1.   Do you have physical pain that is not the result of an injury?  This could be stress related!


2.   Do you struggle with remembering things from one moment to the next?  Do you find yourself struggling to remember why you walked into a room?


3.   Do you struggle to make the goals that you set for yourself? 


4.   Do you feel anxiety, stress and angry often?  What does it feel like and how intense does it get?


5.   Do you hate the life that you are leading, are you unhappy with your lifestyle or do you have regrets about your life?


All of these things play a role in how mentally fit you are.  While you may not want to do this, you should schedule a meeting with a psychologist just to talk through some of the feelings that you have.  For the most part, working through these issues can be the best way for you to overcome your problems and to find overall benefit in your life.


If you have trouble sleep, or are eating whenever you feel like it, then you should be considering the vast number of mind fitness needs you may have. 


Improving the fitness of your mind not only improves your daily life but increases your longevity, too!


Emotional Eating

We touched on this subject just a few minutes ago in our dieting chapter but itís important for you to address now, too.  Emotional eating is eating when things go bad, when you are stressed or when you are in the mood for a certain feeling that you canít get from the world around you.


For many millions of people, this is one of the prime reasons that they are overweight or unhealthy in their diets.  While food never used to be so readily available, today its easy to have a pantry full of food and a refrigerator thatís stocked to the brim.  Itís easy to go Would you rather pay more or payless for your oil to the food to get the satisfaction that you need.


Yet this is a dangerous situation.  Those that use food to fight their emotional instability are most likely to fall deeper into a path of self destruction.  For example, consider this scenario that happens over the span of time.


You begin by getting stressed at work.  You find yourself reaching for a candy bar to get the extra rush that you need to get through the tasks at hand.  You then find yourself dealing with pressure from the boss; you didnít do the job right.  You decide you need a big, fatty lunch.  Soon, the pounds are creeping onto your hips.  Thereís no time to exercise and to meet deadlines you increase the amount of bad foods you are eating.  Soon, you are not fitting well into your clothing.  You become upset at yourself, your self esteem drops.


As your self esteem drops, you find yourself in even more problems.  Now, you hate your job so much that the only thing that makes it feel better is eating something bad for you.  In fact, you almost purposely make the situation worse by eating bad.  You arenít any good.  You are a failure.  You canít make the right decisions.  Just look at youÖ.these are all things that people end up saying to themselves when they are emotionally depleted.


Emotional eating is one of the hardest cycles to break, yet if left intact, itís also one of the worst things you can do for both your physical and your mental health state.


In just a bit weíll talk about some of the ways that you can have good mind fitness, which includes emotional eating.  The first step in fighting the way that food makes you feel, though, is to recognize that there is a connection between the way that you feel and the way that you eat.  Realizing this makes a large difference in improving both your physical fitness and your mindís fitness.


How Can You Improve?

How can you improve your mindís fitness?  There are many great ways to make this happen.  Remember when we said this fitness plan was going to be fun?  Here there are many great ways to improve your emotional and mental fitness through fun methods.


Each aspect is unique in itself and in the way that it will help to improve both your physical fitness and your quality of life.  Incorporate as many of these things into your life as you can, and youíll see differences in the way that you feel and the way that you see the world.


Your Self Esteem

Weíll tackle one of the hardest things to improve right from the beginning:  your self esteem.  A health self esteem is one thatís confident but not overly macho.  You should be able to feel confident in the decisions that you make and in the way that your life is moving.  Confidence is built on many things including the fact that you have to realize that you do have weaknesses and you do have limits to your abilities.  Accept those, work on improving them if you can and then do the best job that you can overall.


In addition, learn how to accept compliments and to take criticism.  Getting down on yourself because someone doesnít like the job you did isnít okay.


Although challenging, you need to be able to say, ďHey, I did a good job!Ē  You also need to recognize when it wasnít your best work and realize that itís okay not to be perfect 100 percent of the time.  Learn to take criticism positively.  If your boss says that the job wasnít good enough, ask what you could have improved on for next time.  Then, you set yourself up for success rather than a pint of ice cream!


One way to improve the way that you look and feel about yourself is to take care of your outward appearance.  Those that dress well, take care of the way that they look and those that do things for themselves are the most confident people out there.  Just putting on a beautiful outfit can make you feel good about yourself.


Build A Social Network

A social network is a very important to your well being, both physically and mentally.  Those that have people around them to support them do well in many more aspects of their lives.  Letís face, its fun to have people around too!  But, how can you build a social network of people that you can rely on?


Make time for those that you already have.  Donít assume that they will always be there when you need them, even when you donít pay attention to them otherwise.  You should always strive for a lifestyle thatís positive with those in your family and your friends.  That means taking on the challenges that come up between people, working through them and then letting them go.


Relationships take time and work.  If you are married, that relationship alone will be one that you have to work on.  Realizing that you arenít always right and making sacrifices for those that need you to can be an important and difficult risk you have to take.


Commit to going out and having fun, whatever way is fun to you, at least one time per week.  Getting away or even just finding time to play a board game is essential.  This allows your mind to repair damage and it allows you to improve your network of friends.

Donít take friends for granted because they wonít be there when you need them the most.  In part of that comes the fact that if you want to have family and friends you need to be a friend, too.  Giving others support helps them to accomplish their lifeís needs and it gives you a sense of gratification.  Youíll feel good about life and your social network.


Managing Stress

Its not easy job, but you have to do it!  Stress is one of the largest problems in health today.  Stress affects your ability to function properly.  It hinders you throughout your life by causing unhealthy living situations, physical risks and puts your entire well being at risk for emotional breakdown.


To help remedy stress, there are many things that you can do.  For starters, find an outlet.  You need to find something that you love to do.  A hobby, a physical activity, or some other thing that really brings you happiness is necessary to have.  By doing that activity even after a long and stressful day it can offer you improvement in your health and well being, by relieving stress.


If the situations that you are in provide you with high levels of stress, it is important for you to find solutions to those problems.  You need an effective manor for relieving stress and if you canít do so by solving the problem or by letting go of the stress you need to remove yourself from such situations.  Stress that is ongoing without any real stopping is a large health risk!


Brain Power!

To improve mental fitness, use your brain power!  You donít have to do any type of exercise with your brain physically of course, but mentally you do! 

For starters, always keep yourself learning.  Learning new things keeps the mind active and that means health.  Someone that is learning new things that interests them is likely to continue to having a mental state thatís positive and motivated. 


You should also use challenges to help power you through your day and your life.  Giving yourself the ability to overcome challenges from puzzles to problems in life (yours or others) can help to keep your brain working.  Asking questions, getting the answers and working at it helps to improve the brainís function, allowing you to fend off Alzheimerís and other conditions like it.


Your Overall Mental Fitness Plan

So, now you have it!  You know what to do to make your lifestyle improved through these changes.  Hereís a quick look at the changes that you can make today that will increase your mindís power later and throughout your life.



1.   Improve your stress levels and see physical, mental and emotional benefits right away.


2.   Improve your social network to reduce stress and to improve your quality of life.  It also helps to make it through difficult times when you have someone by your side.


3.   Improve your brainís fitness by challenging it through new adventures, continuous learning and through challenges of all types.


4.   Do things that are enjoyable to you.  If you canít think of anything, learn something new.  New adventures coupled with doing them with those that you love make life better and help to improve your mental fitness.


5.   Keep your self esteem positive.  Working on this is hard, but feeling good about yourself is a must for overall health.


By doing these things it will significantly improve the fitness that your mind has physically and emotionally.  The good news is that you can change the outcome of your day by just making the right decisions on the way to look at challenges during the day.  Make changes like these today and see results today.

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